Crypto Insider Believes Regulation Is Bullish For Bitcoin | CNBC

CNBC’s Seema Mody on the crypto crackdown. And Ran Neu Ner, ONchain Capital, discusses what regulation means for cryptocurrencies.
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Crypto Insider Believes Regulation Is Bullish For Bitcoin | CNBC


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17 Thoughts to “Crypto Insider Believes Regulation Is Bullish For Bitcoin | CNBC”

  1. How about when Conbase launched bcash to manipulate the price

  2. Regulations don't help anyone but the entrenched players from competition.

  3. Everyone but noobs know that ETH was the ICO of ICOs

  4. Cryptos depends on the next fool to buy at a higher price.

  5. Ran Neu Ner makes me puke, this guy does not know what he is talking about.

  6. Nice article. Found the news yesterday but nice. Good CNBC keep the good work on crypto ;D

  7. Bitcoin isn't dead guy's 😉 it's not the first time :

  8. Wait?! Karen is still on this show. Now that’s a very smart lady!!!

  9. They sold bitcoin based on its unregulated the government can’t touch it haha government can’t touch it, but when the price drops they want government regulation cause they lost money.

  10. Who has the balls to see that the Us Government is the most corrupt institution in this earth?

  11. the federal reserve banking system will not go quietly into the night

  12. Please tell us something more obvious.

  13. You need a new analyst this guy has no clue. Kind of like cnbc

  14. Ran Neu Ner is a JOKE.

  15. ..the mildly informed Neo-Luddite still thinks crypto is just a foundation for money transfer…

  16. Ran Neu Ner is lying through his teeth, for some reason. The recent manipulation is obvious, even to a dilettante in trading. I'm not sure what his angle is, but fairly sure he is full of dung.

  17. @CNBC loving your Crypto coverage.

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