Coinbase Launches New Products For Retail & Institutional Crypto Investors | CNBC

Asiff Hirji, Coinbase President, discusses what’s behind the volatility in cryptocurrencies.
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Coinbase Launches New Products For Retail & Institutional Crypto Investors | CNBC


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6 Thoughts to “Coinbase Launches New Products For Retail & Institutional Crypto Investors | CNBC”

  1. There will be 1000 lawsuits if Ether is deemed a security.

  2. "Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking. Just a moment." Newbies should not fear small forays into crypto (after doing research) but STAY AWAY from Coinbase. Coinbase is extremely frustrating to use. In my 14 day quest quest to find out why my account (one that had been approved and had successfully conducted a small trade) was frozen, I found legions of others that had the same experience. Their online support is nothing more than a bot that points you to email requests, email requests are a bot that say "we'll get back to you." They don't and after you call, you get humans that are friendly and do nothing but tell you some one will call back. They won't. Finally closed the account (they would never explain why I had been frozen for 14 days) and moved to Interactive Brokers with much greater satisfaction. Robinhood is also good (for a free service it's excellent ) but is so stripped down its hard to use.

  3. 0x Coin if you guys need to know !!

  4. All these regulators are going to try and do what they can, but the reality is, crypto doesn't care. The train is moving and eventually it will collapse entire governments.

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